Joscon is a Building company which was started in 2005. We have recently expanded our services to include a project management division.

As a company, we have grown rapidly since our inception, and we endeavour to continue this growth to allow us to service the needs of any job, small or large.
We have a solid client base which is constantly expanding and a large network of reputable trades people and designers.

Our mission is to be known for the construction of the most innovative and modern design for commercial, industrial and residential projects.



Quality Produce a final product above clients expectations.
Caring Treat a job as if it is our own.
Workplace Create an environment where all people involved are having fun.
Environment Consider the impact of the construction on the surroundings.
Problems Tackle head on, to create a great idea or resolution.
Client Close, friendly client relationships are the key to a successful project.
Trust the most imperative value between us and the client.


For the Joscon name to become synonymous with high end construction.